Insurance Loss Declarations

  1. ICBC Automobile Proof of Loss form – CL37. This claim form is for direct and accidental loss or damage to an insured motor vehicle and/or equipment.
  2. Statutory Declaration Application under Section 20 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act - CL42
  3. Application for Payment under the Insurance (Vehicle) Act Section 24 – Hit and Run – CL45
  4. If you don't have one of the above proof of ownership documents, you need to send a completed statutory declaration — Unregistered Vehicles and Missing Signatures Declaration (MV1484)​ form​.

You'll need to fill in our Unregistered Vehicles and Missing Signatures Declaration ​(MV1484) form. Make sure you include:

  • The vehicle year, make, model, body style and VIN.
  • Where and when you bought the vehicle and how much you paid.
  • Seller's name and details of your attempts to obtain his or her signature.
  • Description of any documents that will show us evidence of vehicle ownership and how you came to possess or acquire the vehicle.
  • The condition of the vehicle (now and when it was purchased). Also indicate whether the vehicle conforms to original manufacturer's specifications or if it's been modified in any way.

Make sure you complete this form before a notary public or a commissioner for taking affidavits in B.C. before moving onto step four.

Include all of this information in your letter to us asking for a Vehicle Record Search. If you think there's a reason the vehicle was never registered, also include that information in your letter. Attach photocopies of any documentation you were able to find. Keep original copies of documentation and a copy of the letter for your records.

Please ensure you bring valid government-issued photo identification with you to your appointment.

Contact us for assistance with insurance loss declarations.