Custodial Declaration

Studying in Canada as a minor

Find out what a minor child needs to do to study in Canada if they’re not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Caring for a minor child in Canada:

The parents or legal guardians must prove the minor child will have the care and support they need during their stay in Canada. Minor children under the age of 17 must either:

  • come with their parent or legal guardian or
  • have a custodian in Canada

A custodian is a responsible adult, who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, who will take care of and support the minor child. A custodian is optional for minors 17 years of age and older, but an officer can request one on a case-by-case basis.

How to appoint a custodian:

To appoint a custodian, send us the Custodianship Declaration form along with the minor child’s study permit application.

The 2 pages of the form look similar, but:

  • the first page needs to be signed by the custodian and notarized (certified by a lawyer or notary) in Canada
  • the second page needs to be signed by the parents or legal guardians of the minor child and notarized in their home country

Please ensure you bring valid government-issued photo identification with you to your appointment. Contact us to get started.